Each year CADECI is providing excellent scientific content and access to more knowledge, new technologies, and innovations in the area of cardiology. This year many GP’s and cardiologists have unique experiences to meet a breakthrough, heart diagnostic device - Cardio-HART™ that will revolutionize heart-care, in Primary Care.

On the second day of CADECI 2020 in Guadalajara, Mexico, other lucky winners had their chance to see their heart state thanks to Cardio-Phoenix.Inc of Toronto.

Cardiologist - case 1

A cardiologist from down south was tested. When he got his results, he was impressed. Almost as a continuation from yesterday's experience, his recordings were also saying that he should go immediately for a further heart examination. Results were not a surprise for him as he is already on various types of medications since he suffered a stroke less than a year ago. Besides the stroke, he had heart muscle problems which were clearly indicated in the MCG signals and the HART findings. “But this you only see in Echo!” he said, “amazing”. Just like many others who got the opportunity to get in touch with a breakthrough device, he asked if he could buy it now.

Nurses – case 2

4 nurses were given a chance to check their heart condition too. One of the nurses said she has some heart problems because she saw it when she received ECG results. In order to confirm her doubts, she wanted to be tested. Her report showed plenty of red signals, many severe findings that were showing abnormal heart size with most problems on the right side. Her heart is functioning normally, however. Naturally, she got scared as her fears got confirmed. But now she knows for sure. There is no need to emphasize how important it is to have an insight into the real state of our health. Her three friends also wanted to be checked out. Two of them were perfect. One showed an irregular rhythm, and without any hesitation, now she’s going to get it checked out.

Friends of friends – case 3

Another cardiologist who saw his friend's test from the day before now wanted to be tested too. Cardio-HART gave results that confirmed his condition. He was stunned. He said: “If I put this in my feeder clinics, I’ll get a lot more patients because this device can identify who are the patients I need to see”. Now already usual question followed up - "where can I buy it". He got his results that made his ears perk up. He hadn’t expected that the results will be understandable to him. He said it’s the same conclusion he would have come up with but didn’t want to see it for himself.

General Practitioner – case 4

Another GP, a woman, wants to do a test. Her report was perfect, it was all green as an indication of no dysfunctionalities. She was delighted by how well it is all organized at Cardio-Phoenix "Live clinic". Out of curiosity, she listened to someone else’s diagnostics when she heard a comment from a cardiologist mention above and was dumbfounded when the cardiologist admits its probably right. Impressed, she asked where she can buy this innovative device since she supervises over 30 clinics in a region near Mazatlan and they definitely need this.

And many others – case x

GP from the day before brought in a co-worker, also a GP. He got the results after testing and he was shocked. “I never would have suspected I actually have problems”, he said. The results showed him everything. He stated that his clinic would greatly benefit from owning this device.

It was a day of friends that got the recommendation to come and check it out. Those who were tested in the morning were bringing 2 friends in the afternoon.

On the second day, the device gave just two ECG recordings incomplete. It was human error and the problem was solved. Visitors who were rescheduled didn’t regret coming back for a retest.

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