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Breakthrough cardiac diagnostics for the early detection of

Cardio-Vascular Disease [CVD],
Heart Failure [HF], and all
Heart Valves diseases [HVD].

For use in Patient Care and Telehealth Settings.
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Each visit to the doctors, is an opportunity for the early detection of
Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD).
Missed opportunities are the rule and patients can go undetected
...oftentimes for months, even years without any idea they are at risk.

“This 1 device, does in 1 test, by 1 nurse, what now takes 2 devices, doing 2 tests,
in 2 different levels of care, by 2 healthcare professionals!”
T. Gorden, CEO
Atlanta, Georgia
Powered by AI
CHART is a breakthrough technology,
that uses AI and novel bio-signals.

CHART Combines in a Single
device the functionality of
ECHO + ECG + Auscultation
95% vs 44%
Detect up to 95% of all
Common heart diseases, including
Heart Failure, and all
Heart Valve Diseases.

Compare with ECG at only 44%.
Low Risk, Non-invasive
CHART is Safe & Very Low Risk
It is non-invasive.
Fits directly into the Standard of Care.
Direct substitute for ECG.

An ECG Nurse, learns in 20 min.
Increases Immediacy & Accessibility to Advanced Cardiac Diagnostics
Reduces unnecessary referrals and wait-times.
CHART is a game changer, transforming Primary Care.
Dr Hassan
“...do you realize just how crazy amazing
this {CHART} thing is for Primary Care,
...currently, a clinical diagnosis for HF
can take months. With CHART,
it’s a few minutes!”
Dr. Hassan,
GP, Priori Gardens Surgery,
Lead in Clinical Research Network,
Bedford, UK

An opportunity for
the early detection of CVD.


Helps the Family Physician
to better understand a
patient’s cardiac status and
when to refer the patient
to the cardiologist.

Provides the cardiologist
relevant information to guide
testing and treatment.
General Data Regulation Protection HIPPA Compliance ISO 13485:2016, ISO 13485:2003 FDA Cleared CE Mark
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