About Us

Cardio-Phoenix Inc.

As a world trailblazer in evidence-based innovation and research for diagnostic cardiology, our commitment is to earlier detection of the onset of heart disease and detection of a broader range of the most common heart diseases capable of being diagnosed at the clinical level.

We are believers that in fostering a more preventative approach to heart health where treatments are cheaper, more effective and less traumatic on the patient, and their families.

we make technology that cares!

A Quality commitment in support of clinical accuracy

The future of our advance technology starts with a history of innovation. Since 2003, we have been developing diagnostic cardiology advances to help clinicians improve healthcare delivery.

For over a decade, Cardio-Phoenix has been dedicated to the development of accurate, affordable cardiac testing tools for the detection of a broader range of common heart diseases.

Thanks to our investment in fundamental research on heart bio-signal over the last 12 years, and our ongoing support for the efforts of selected cardiology research teams in both Europe and North America, we have developed unique, evidence-based, analysis algorithms and a risk assessment assistance system for physicians to assist them to better determine cardiac status, and establish a baseline for patient heart health.

Today our portfolio of diagnostic algorithms support clinical accuracy and advanced analysis that may lead to more confindent diagnoses and better outcomes for diverse, universal, patient population in the physician's office.

Innovation that is universally applicable.

ISO Certificate

Cardio-Phoenix Inc. received the coveted ISO 13845:2016 certification
for the Design and Development of non-invasive diagnostic medical devices.