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About Us

The future of our advanced technology starts
with a history of innovation.

Since 2005, we specialized in the development
of AI-Powered technology for the earlier,
non-invasive detection of heart diseases to help
primary care physicians to enhance healthcare
delivery by focusing on the patient diagnosis.

Our investment in fundamental research on heart
bio-signals over the last 16 years, and our
ongoing support for the efforts of selected
cardiology research teams in both Europe and
North America, we have finally developed a
unique evidence-based, analysis algorithms and
a risk assessment assistance system for
physicians to assist them to better determine
cardiac status, and establish a baseline for
patient heart health.

Today, our portfolio of diagnostic algorithms,
support clinical accuracy and advanced analysis
that lead to more confindent diagnoses and
better outcomes for diverse, universal, patient
population in the physician's office.

The solution begins with earlier detection.
CHART addresses the need of millions of
patients worldwide suffering from heart diseases.


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Marc Bisnaire
CEO and Founder


Bojan Milic
Marketing and Communications (ENG)



Cardio-Phoenix's Primary goal is effective heart care,
affordable and accessible, for all


CEO Marc Bisnaire, Cardio Phoenix


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