Dear customers and team:

In times of COVID-19, Cardio Phoenix has decided to go for virtual experience!

At Cardio Phoenix Inc. we are proactively monitoring and responding to the current COVID-19 global epidemic. At Cardio Phoenix Inc. we consider the health of our employees and the care of our customers as a priority.

Given this, we have decided to implement a set of measures in a timely manner to help counteract the difficult recovery we are experiencing, while still providing our customers with the excellent service that has characterized us in a decade history in operation.

The measures we will carry out are as follows:

  • Prepare our team of professionals with the tools and resources necessary to work remotely in order for our clients and our projects to continue to receive the service of on an uninterrupted basis.
  • We have asked our collaborators to work at home and carry out follow-up meetings through calls and video conferences with whom it is necessary.
  • Reduce face-to-face joints to the bare minimum.
  • Take sanitary precautionary measures at our facilities for someone to enter for any circumstances

Cardio Phoenix Inc. has over a decade of experience innovating in technology for the earlier detection of cardiovascular diseases (CVD´s) and very soon will be ready for you. Currently, under review by FDA and simultaneously going through CE Mark (the European equivalent to FDA), Cardio-HART is a new device, over 12 years in the making, that can diagnose not only ALVD and determine the EF, but also 13 other heart disease conditions normally diagnosed by Echocardiography. This means up to 94% detection of all common heart diseases.

a BREAKTHROUGH AI-Powered heart diagnostic device that will solve an unmet medical need.  

Remember, even during this situation, there is still the elephant in the room, (CVD´s).

For more information, see our website.

Cardio Phoenix Team

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