The CHART system:

  • Cardio-TriTest™
    An approved medical device for
    the non-invasive capture of 3 types
    of novel bio-signals,
    (Electrical, acoustic and physiological).
  • CHART Processing Software
    A cloud-based (AWS), AI-powered,
    diagnostic assessment of bio-signals.
  • Clinical Management System
    The clinic and patient management system
    that enables the operations of the system
    in the cloud. (not a medical device).
Chart System graphic
Dr. Vincente P. and Dr. Francisco J. S.
“the ability to diagnose both
HF and Valve diseases
in one device is amazing.
Being able do it in Primary care,
that’s really unbelievable,
every GP clinic needs this.”
Dr. Vincente P. and Dr. Francisco J. S.
SEMERGEN (Spanish GP Society)
Diseases it detects
Diseases it detects

14 Significant Heart Diseases (Echo Findings) typically
only diagnosable by Echocardiography, including:
MS, MR, AR, PH, TR w/o Pulm. Hypertension and
TR w/ Pulm. Hypertension
Common ECG findings, including:
MI, LVH, RVH, AE, ST-Deviations, AF, AFl, Rhythms, Long PR, QRS intervals, Bundle Branch Block (3), LAFB, + 160 ECG diagnostic parameters and measurements.
And Phonocardiography (PCG) findings, including:
Murmurs, Systolic and diastolic, S1, S2, S3, & S4 (heart sounds), EMAT, PEP, SPI, LVET, S1-Wide, and many more...
Dr. Jose G.
“... this {CHART} device will help us
completely transform for the better
how primary and secondary care
work together.”
Dr. Jose G.
Spanish Society of Cardiology
Clinically Proven
Clinically Proven

CHART reduced FN by 24% & FP by 14% (clinical investigations).

CHART reduced FN by 14% & FP by 9% (FDA clinical study).

“GPs were shocked - they thought they knew their patients!”

Diagnostic effectiveness by GP´s using CHART, increased by over
250% compared to GP using State-of-the-Art ECG devices.
Diagnostic indecision by GP’s using CHART was only 4%,
compared to GP’s using ECG devices at over 40%.

“GP’s indicated they felt more professional as a result.”

Using CHART, GP’s showed only a 2% difference when compared
to the Overreading Cardiologist’s results, but GP’s using
ECG devices, showed a 36% worse outcome - no surprise the
Standard of Care requires Cardiologist Overread when ECG is used.

All 11 Cardiologists in the FDA study determined that CHART was
93.7% in agreement with their Echocardiography results.

CHART is clinically proven to significantly reduced FP and FN.

Waitlists will shrink, access to care will improve, and downstream
trauma care costs will be avoided.

Together, this leads to a better quality of life, not only for the patient,
but also for their families and
for the healthcare system that must support them.

Dr. Jose G.
“Cardiac-Telemedicine leads to
improved patient health outcomes
as a potential benefit.”
Center for Disease Control-CDC
August, 2020
Cardiac-Telemedicine  for Telehealth
for Telehealth

With the pandemic, Cardiac-Telemedicine proved a good solution
to a chronic shortage of cardiologists and echocardiography
services, forcing clinicians and patients alike to see the benefits
of remote diagnostics.

For smaller and remote clinics, where staffing is minimal, CHART’s
remote diagnostics fills a critical void.

In particular, CHART’s ability to remotely diagnose Covid-19
associated heart diseases that are typically diagnosable only
via Echocardiography.

It also limits the number of GP’s that can come into direct contact
with the patient.

Collateral Damage and Safe Testing Sites.

Covid-19 deaths were surpassed by collateral cardiac deaths unrelated
to COVID-19, as patients avoided medical facilities fearing Covid-19.

CHART can help create effective “Safe-testing” sites, that will
help patients avoid Covid-19 “hot-spots”.

CHART Cardiac-Telemedicine will help reduce collateral deaths,
by providing safe access to advanced cardiac diagnostic services.

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