In a recent episode of "The Tech Business Podcast" hosted by Paul Essery, Marc Bisnaire, the CEO of Cardio-Phoenix, delved into the transformative potential of his groundbreaking device Cardio-HART, and its impact on the healthcare landscape. At the very beginning of the conversation, Marc explained how the story of Cardio-HART began and how he realized that ECG was not good enough in Primary Care. Emphasizing the significant limitations of ECG in Primary Care, Marc underscored the alarming reality of lengthy waiting lists for secondary care, with patients enduring excruciating delays of up to three to six months. ECG in Primary Care can detect about 40% of cardiovascular diseases, which is a very small percentage and makes it a limited device. Will the patient be diagnosed with Heart Failure in time? Cardio-HART will enable you to find out at Primary Care if your heart is suffering from any disease and at the earliest stage. This device detects 93% of all common cardiovascular diseases.

Marc talked in the podcast about technology that detects 3 types of biosignals and that's why we get results as if we were using 3 devices, not one. Notably, he highlighted the user-friendly nature of CHART, emphasizing that no specialized training is required for its operation, thereby circumventing the perennial challenge of skill scarcity in the healthcare workforce. This innovative approach streamlines the integration of Cardio-HART into existing healthcare infrastructures.

Presenting CHART to institutions and doctors, he shared his surprise and concern with the audience. Is profit really more important than patient welfare? What other challenges lie ahead for the Cardio-Phoenix company, what do they plan in the coming years, you can find out in more detail in the podcast "The Tech Business Podcast", on Spotify:


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