Understanding Disease Prevalence

CHART’s unique findings capabilities are derived from a select subset of ECG and ECHO findings.

The following figure illustrates the common disease prevalence graphically.

The green background represents the diseases that CHART can diagnose, by prevalence.

The yellow background represents the diseases that CHART cannot diagnose, by prevalence.

The sliding horizontal bars, overlapping the green background, visually represents, from most common to rare, the relative % prevalence of that disease within the intended use population attending Primary Care.

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Heart disease is
the leading cause of death

for both men and women.


ECHO + ECG Finding Prevalence of CHART study population (CZe,BBp)

Together, all the diseases shown in green, represent 94% by prevalence all of the common heart diseases typically diagnosed by ECG and ECHO. (PCG not shown).

In yellow, the diseases that are rare or very rare by prevalence.

Rare diseases are not detected or diagnosed by CHART.

Heart Disease – Rarely just a Single Disease!

Heart disease is rarely just a single disease – they come in groups. A patient suffering
from a rare disease will typically also suffer from one or more prevalent disease(s).

This is why when the presence of a prevalent disease is detected, the patient should be
referred to a cardiologist who has extensive knowledge of heart diseases and the
advanced diagnostic tools and methods necessary for the detection and diagnosis of
rare heart diseases.

Coronary heart disease
is the most common type
of heart disease

killing over
370,000 people